Dutch Hills Harley-Davidson keeps your Harley-Davidson in top condition! 

The modern workshop of Dutch Hills is spacious with five motor bridges where certified mechanics work. In addition, we have a very extensive range of 'Special Tools' that are used professionally by our technicians. Because we are an officially authorized H-D dealer, we enjoy the advantage that if problems do arise that we have never seen before, we can always rely on the technical support team from Harley-Davidson, both nationally and internationally. 

Not only do our mechanics work expertly, neatly and accurately, their passion for motorcycles is enormous and they attend H-D University every year and are therefore always aware of the latest developments.

Dutch Hills Harley-Davidson is the place for: 

  • service(turns) 
  • repair of your motorcycle 
  • damage appraisals 
  • repair damage 
  • renovations to your motorcycle 
  • placing parts and accessories on your motorcycle 
  • spraying (also special paint) 
  • building custom bikes 
  • replacement transport available at a fixed rate 
  • delivery and collection service possible

Do you want more information?

Then come by or call us on +31 46 44 22 111

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Back on the road with the motorcycle after the winter period

Do not be overconfident at the beginning of the season, you will no longer have the same reflexes as you had at the end of last season. Keep that in mind. 

Be careful on the road, after the frost period there are often more stones and there are slippery road sections due to, among other things, oil. 

Keep in mind that motorists, cyclists and pedestrians will have to get used to the return of motorcyclists in traffic in the spring. 

Therefore, pay extra attention to the behavior of fellow road users. Make sure you have enough space, both physically and mentally.

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